Wednesday, May 18, 2011


If I could
I would erase the darkness of your despair
If I could,
I’d restore the laughter that was once there,
If I could,
I would take away the tears, the heartache, the pain,
If I could
I’d give anything to make it right for you again,
If I could
I’d get that “do over” I once asked for, and hand it right to you,
If it would undo that terrible day, and start it all anew,
If I could,
I’d subtract 5 years of my life, I mean that from the heart,
If that’s what it took to fix it, so she never had to part,
If I could, I would, because that’s what friends are for,
I wish it could go back to the way it was before.
I know I can’t undo it, but I can pray for you,
For God’s love to come, to help see you through,
And that His Eternal light will show you the way,
To find peace in your heart, each and every day.