Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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  1. We can’t expel it; we can’t ignore it. We can’t stop growing. So we absorb it and move on as best we can. It never goes away, but we find ways to acknowledge it and insulate ourselves from it as best we can. But it remains forever a part of our history and even shapes the way we grow from that point on.

  2. This is an amazing thing you guys have done. I lost my son, shadow and best friend on December 4, 2010. He was 7 years old and killed in a freak accident. My idiot neighbor put him on his snowmobile. When he set my son on the seat he accidentally grabbed the throttle. It took off and flipped and landed on my little boy's stomach. He died in the ambulance. I wasn't home at the time, but my wife and youngest son relive it every day. I am not sure how you guys were able to go on through such a terrible loss. There are days I don't think I will make it through. It hasn't been quite 4 months yet, but every morning feels exactly the same. I don't feel any stronger today than I did a month ago. I admire your courage and hope that some day somebody will be able to admire mine. Right now I just miss my son and can't understand how this could have happened.

    Brendan's Daddy